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Authorities tour the Fritangas of District VII of Managua

Promoting popular gastronomy in the managuas and good food handling in small businesses in the capital, the building authorities gave a tour of the participating restaurants in the municipal contest "The Cleanest and Beautiful Fritanga in Managua", in its seventh edition.

This time, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales visited Fritangas Los Ramírez and Mi Buen Pastor in District VII of Managua, where he was able to confirm good practice in food handling, proper handling of solid and liquid waste. , as well as the good presentation of the dish and the quality of the food, which are parameters to be taken into account when choosing.

“We are here at the Ramírez frit in Villa Flor Norte, a classic and traditional frit, in this area you can see that people go out to eat tasty on Friday nights, mainly on weekends,” said Armas.

Abigal Ramírez, is the owner along with five brothers of the Fritanga Los Ramírez and expressed her enthusiasm to be part of this contest that allows her to promote the roasts of her small business, which are her specialty.

“For us it is a pride to be part of this event. It is the sixth time we have participated and we have gained a lot of popularity thanks to this event that undoubtedly promotes small businesses, ”said Ramírez.

During the tour, comrade Enrique Armas recalled that in this seventh edition, the contest will be developed in 2 modalities, one virtual, through social networks and the fritanga that has the most "likes" will be awarded; In addition to other virtual contests, from the digital platforms of the Managua Mayor's Office, among them, the cleanest frit, the longest roast beef, the tastiest enchilada, the most delicious soft drink in my neighborhood and the richest slice with cheese, that will be chosen by the amount "I like".

He also explained that a face-to-face modality will be held, which will take place on December 13 at the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park, through a gastronomic contest, in which the first 3 places will be awarded, with 20 thousand córdobas to first place , 15 thousand córdobas to the second and 10 thousand córdobas to the third place.

The Deputy Mayor Armas also highlighted that thanks to the success of the La Fritanga Cleanest and Bonita de Manaagua contest, some mayors of the departments have decided to take up the idea and reward the best fritangas in their localities.

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