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Mercado Roberto Huembes wins first place in the contest "Sabores de Diciembre"

This Saturday, November 21 at the Roberto Huembes market discount fair in our "Managua linda Managua", the second edition of the municipal Christmas food contest "Sabores de Diciembre" was held.

13 merchants who work in the popular and traditional dining rooms of the 8 capital markets participated in this contest.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales announced that the contestants to compete, elaborated dishes under the following parameters: natural flavor and color, presentation and decoration, originality and tradition of the dish. One of the primary requirements is that the meals be made with national products.

The winner of the first place was the merchant Maritza Calderón who works in one of the dining rooms of the Huembes market, participated with the stuffed Indian chicken dish, the happy winner in addition to receiving the prize of 3 thousand cordobas, will participate in the department contest of Managua that It will be held in Ciudad Sandino on December 6, from where the representative of the municipality will leave for the national Christmas food contest that will be on December 12 in the central park of Chinandega.

The second place winner was Mrs. Leonarda Miranda from the Israel Lewites market and the third place in this municipal contest was obtained by Mrs. Lorena Baltodano from the Iván Montenegro market, who won 2,000 and 1,000 córdobas respectively.

In the Christmas food contest to be held nationwide, the first place winner will win 40 thousand, the second place 30 thousand and 20 thousand the third place.

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