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Tour of the businesses participating in the "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga" Contest begins

With the aim of promoting and rescuing the popular gastronomy, which is offered in the traditional fritangas, Managua authorities began the tour of the participating restaurants in the Municipal Contest "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga of Managua", in its seventh edition.

On this occasion, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales, visited the Janizi Grill restaurants in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood and the Nica fritanga in the Centroamérica neighborhood, verifying the proper use and proper handling of food, as well as good care and service to the citizens who visit these traditional businesses.

The contest will be held in 2 modalities, one virtual, through social networks and the fritanga with the most "likes" will be awarded; In addition to other virtual contests, from the digital platforms of the Managua Mayor's Office, among them, the cleanest fritter, the longest roast meat, the tastiest enchilada, the most delicious soft drink in my neighborhood and the richest slice with cheese, that will be chosen by the amount of "likes".

The other modality to be carried out is face-to-face and will be developed with a gastronomic contest, next December, in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez park, where the first 3 places will be awarded, with 20 thousand córdobas for first place, 15 thousand for second and 10 thousand to third place.

The tour took place in a festive atmosphere and was accompanied by the Mister Fritanga from each of the 7 districts; in addition to the artistic presentation of JR, through his character “La Chelona”.

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