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Housing for families affected by the passage of hurricane Iota

In less than 24 hours, the Municipal Government began the process of building new homes for the families who lost their homes after Iota passed through Nicaragua.

The first two families that were treated in an emergency this Wednesday, November 18, are from District III, one in the San Isidro de Bolas region and the other in Serranía. Both were victims of the force of nature when high-rise trees fell into their houses, which, due to the saturation of the soils, were dislodged by the roots.

During the visit to these families, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, reported that the crews of workers organized to face emergencies worked more than 24 hours, to provide immediate response and to save the lives of the families in the points that resulted with more affectations.

“Our teams have been at the service of the population and it is a rapid response model promoted by the Government of Commander Daniel. We in the municipality of Managua had 104 affected neighborhoods, with 97 homes affected, of those 32 were flooded, 54 were partially destroyed and 11 completely collapsed, with a total of 485 people affected ”.

Rueda, reported that the 11 families who lost their homes will be supported by the Municipality in rebuilding their homes.

The first protagonist visited was Abraham Oconor, who lives in the San Isidro Camino de Bolas Annex, he and his wife who has been operated on for 20 days to give birth to their son by cesarean section, with the newborn and one more child. two-year-olds left an hour before three trees fell on their house at one in the morning, endangering the lives of their entire family.

“I am happy because it was an immediate response. I was worried because my wife is fresh and we cannot be without a safe roof. Thank God we are all well and we only have material losses ”, said the protagonist Oconor.

At another point in the capital, in the Serranía community on the Sur highway, material was also given so that the Mayor's Office teams could in a few days raise their new home to Mrs. Alicia Muñoz Lira, who on Tuesday during the hours most intense rain had to leave with his children in a race because a tree also fell on them.

“I still feel nervous. I am a single mother and I suffered when I saw that my house fell. I have lived here since I was born and at the time of the accident I was cooking, the girl was watching television and my eldest son ran with her and when they left they fell because it was slippery, I am grateful that we have a government that supports us. In one day I already have materials for my little house and this is a Blessing ”.

Faced with the Yellow Alert decreed by the Government of Commander Daniel and the emergencies caused by the passage of Hurricane Iota in our country, the Municipal Government in a responsible manner since Monday night has displaced 1,300 workers throughout the city to attend to any emergency.

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