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Accompaniment and immediate attention to families in the face of Hurricane Iota

As part of the supportive accompaniment and immediate attention to families in the capital in the presence of the Iota atmospheric phenomenon, authorities from the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carried out this Wednesday, November 17, evaluation tours of the vulnerable areas and critical points of the city capital.

The supervision was headed by comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, who began his tour of the San José de la Cañada region in the sector known as the Pata de Pollo in District III, to assess and determine if the families that live in that sector were running some kind of risk.

“Following the instructions of Commander President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo to activate ourselves in correspondence with the climatic threats that we have been experiencing, particularly our brothers on the Caribbean Coast, we take the opportunity to show solidarity. In the case of Managua, really, up to this moment in this first round, we have not been affected,” said Secretary Fidel Moreno.

He also stated that critical points in the city have been visited to assess the amount of water that flows precisely through the drainage systems. “We have evaluated different places where we have steep slopes, where there may be soil erosion that could cause accidents or unfortunate situations. Thank God right now we don't have those conditions."

In the afternoon, the Secretary verified the proper functioning of the micro-dams, announcing that with rainy conditions of this type there are no mishaps and detailed that from approximately 12:00 noon to 1:00 in the afternoon, intense rains were recorded that caused very strong currents, leaving a lot of water on the road and temporary flooding in 70 homes.

Likewise, it visited the Serranía sector in District III and provided immediate support to the family of Mrs. Alicia Muñoz, as well as visiting the homes of the families of Olga López and Karla Silva from the United Nations District in District V of Managua.

During the tour, comrade Fidel Moreno specified that on this day, 100 millimeters of water were registered, which caused saturation of the soil, causing the fall of a little more than a hundred trees and the collapse of 8 houses, of which 4 fell totally and 4 partially.

Moreno pointed out that according to information provided by the specialists, the rains will continue and the recommendation is to be alert to any situation that may arise, "they continue to work and provide support to families in the capital, the disaster prevention and care system it is activated and the Municipality has provided 1,300 workers for these efforts.”

He also recommended that extreme care should be taken at the individual level, "it is not prudent to walk with this volume of water on the streets, on the drainage, many times we believe that it is simply a puddle, but underneath there is a hole, an erosion and it can cause accidents”, concluded Moreno.

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