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Iván Montenegro Market ready for the festivities of La Purísima and Christmas

Two weeks before the novena to the Virgin Concepción de María begins, the capital markets did not wait with the variety of products and low prices to buy the items that make up the Gritería cap this December 7.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado highlighted that the markets are also crowded with decorations for Christmas decorations, school promotions, as well as everyday consumer products for families such as clothing, footwear, toys, basic grains, dairy, meat and perishable.

"Now that the Christmas bonus is approaching, we are all prepared in the markets to wait for the families of the capital with great discounts and liquidations on the products of La Purísima and Christmas," said Mayor Rueda.

María Teresa Bermúdez offers cartas, oranges, gofios, chimbo eggs, pickled nancite at discounted prices, the three sweet lemons have a cost of 10 cordobas, the same price has the cane bag.

The merchant Jasmina Corea, said that she welcomes Christmas with low prices, the lights to decorate the Christmas tree families can find them at 100 cordobas, the rain lights at a cost of 180 cordobas and the meshes that decorate the windows of the houses at prices of 280 and 300 cordobas.

Mayor Rueda during the tour of the Iván Montenegro urged families to make their purchases in this market that has excellent security, thanks to the coordination that exists with the National Police, also with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) that provides recommendations preventive to the merchants and buyers of this center of commerce.

Similarly, the Mayor announced that there will be a number of special events in these last festive months of 2020, among them, she highlighted the election of Mrs. Mercado that took place in this populous business.

He reminded the residents of the capital that as of November 20 the Black Weekends will begin, which will bring mega discounts on all items, of all seasons, he also announced that a Christmas products fair will be installed in the Plaza 22 de Agosto from December 4 .

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