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New road improvement work in the Jocote Dulce region

More than 11 blocks of streets were paved by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in the Sergio Tercero sector of the Jocote Dulce region, a road that will function as an alternate route and will contribute to decongest traffic at the traffic lights of the Terrace Club and the South area of Villa Fontana.

This road improvement project consisted of the asphalt paving of 11.4 blocks of streets, with an investment of 9 million 679 thousand córdobas, which directly benefits 400 families that live in this area, in addition to the families that can use this road corridor that extends from the South sector of the Central America school to the Jocote Dulce cemetery.

The work was inaugurated and delivered to the community by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of Managua, who stated that the paving of these streets is part of the "Streets for the People 2020" Program, which to date has progressed 83% of the 737 blocks projected to improve this year.

Also, in this inaugural act, Mayor Rueda together with the leading families of this region of District I of Managua, unveiled a monument in honor of our hero and martyr Sergio Tercero Morales, who in June 1979 gave his life for the struggle of our liberation.

The community population was satisfied with this work, which dignifies their living conditions, as expressed by Mrs. Elieth Brooks Tercero, who said that before the access road to her community was impassable, with ponds in winter and dust in summer, but with this road improvement, now the population can be easily mobilized and selective transport can take them to their doorstep.

Similarly, the young David González spoke, thanking the Good Government for this human development project, which has changed the lives of the inhabitants of this community for the better.

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