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Residents of the Esquipulas Region open 10 blocks of paved streets

Municipal authorities of Good Government together with residents of the Esquipulas region in District V of Managua, inaugurated 10 new blocks of streets, through the "Streets for the People" Program, benefiting more than five thousand protagonists of that sector.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, stated that the road improvement work had an investment of 2 million 660 thousand córdobas and also directly benefits the inhabitants of four residential areas that are located in the path of the paved streets, in addition to the families who have their children in the Esquipulas school, who visit the church and the park.

He added that this is the second time that the Streets for the People Program has renewed the asphalt layer in this region. The first occasion was in 2012 when 5 kilometers were paved, benefiting at least 4 urbanizations that pass through the area.

The families of the Esquipulas region felt grateful for this new work of progress, as expressed by Mr. Noel Gutiérrez, “We are very happy, now the children can ride bicycles, without any problem. Thanks to Commander Daniel, Comrade Rosario and the municipal authorities ”.

In this District V, the municipality executed 14 projects with an investment that exceeds 15 million córdobas, included in the 2020 Annual Investment Plan, giving priority to rainwater drainage.

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