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The seventh edition of the contest begins the "Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga in Managua"

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua made the official launch of the seventh edition of the Fritanga Cleanest and Most Beautiful contest of the capital city, to promote the popular gastronomy of the managuas, guarantee good habits in the preparation of food, as well as the proper management of the typical waste from these food stores.

During the launch of this contest, the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, highlighted that in addition to generating healthy competition among the best spoons in the capital, the care of Managua's environment is also taken into account.

"This contest has been a total success, because each year more brothers and sisters enroll in this contest, the protagonists have improved their environment, they have added value to each of the dishes that they promote," he highlighted.

For this year the contest will consist of two modalities, a virtual one through social networks, to the Fritanga that has the most “I like” and one in person, which will be chosen for the best one, by means of a qualifying jury.

Rueda reported that those interested in participating in this seventh edition of the "Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga", can register as of today on the website of the Mayor's Office. www.managua.gob.ni where they will fill out a form, they can go to the delegations of the seven districts of the capital or go to the offices of the Mayor's Office of the Environment Directorate.

“For 21 places we are going to compete this time. These 21 stands will be on display in person on December 13 at Luis Alfonso Park where we have done it every year and where families can taste these dishes, we will take into account all the Like in the photograph or video that Upload through the social network Facebook, we are going to reward each of those thousands of Likes that I am sure they will receive ”, detailed Rueda.

On the other hand, Juan Ramón Campos, Specific Director of the Environmental Unit of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power, said “there will be four virtual contests, which will be presented on the digital platforms of the Mayor's Office of Managua, which will be developed weekly, starting this week ”.

He added that “the cleanest fried place will be awarded, followed by the tastiest enchilada, the most delicious soft drink in my neighborhood, the richest slice with cheese and the longest roast meat, which will be chosen by the amount of Like”.

The contest will end on the second weekend of December, with a Fritanguera Fair in the Luis Alfonso Velázquez Flores Park, where the first 3 places will be awarded, with 20 thousand cordobas for first place, 15 thousand cordobas for second place and 10 thousand cordobas for third place in the face-to-face modality.

The building authorities also announced that Mr. Fritanga will be elected in person, each district will have its representative, who will participate with different dynamics in the Fritanguera Fair.

Registration for Mr. Fritanga will be virtual, until November 18.

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