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Capital authorities make a tour of critical points in Managua

The authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carried out this afternoon a tour of the critical points of the capital, to assess the effects of the rains from the passage of Hurricane Eta, now degraded to a Tropical Storm.

The Secretary General of the Municipality, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, visited the Laureles Norte neighborhood of District 7, one of the critical points of Managua, to accompany families and determine the risk of the people who live in the areas, such as the case of a family, who, due to saturation of water in the soils, suffered erosion of the slope in their home.

“In these visits that we have made, we come across some situations like the ones we have here in Laureles Norte, a very eroded slope, which, as a result of the rains, lost stability and a part of the patio of the house. Logically, if it is not taken care of, erosion will continue to grow and the family may be compromised. We are taking care of it immediately, we are going to stay working tonight, probably for a week, maybe ten days to rehabilitate the slope ”, said the Secretary.

He added that to stabilize this slope, gabions will be installed, which will prevent the erosion of the land and that the family that lives in this site is in some kind of danger.

Similarly, comrade Fidel Moreno visited the La Primavera neighborhood located in District 6 of the capital, where a house was partially damaged.

"This house here in La Primavera is an obvious case of how very old structures with weights on their roofs, aggravated by water, end up giving way and their structure fractures."

I specify that in the face of these types of situations that families constantly face, the instruction of the President Commander and Compañera Rosario is to build a solidarity house, “tomorrow we would be immediately starting the work of a solidarity house for an adult over 84 years of age who she lives with her two children and in turn, each one of them lives with their families, ”he said.

Moreno explained that in Managua there have been no major impacts, so far one of the most accentuated risks registered is the fall of approximately a dozen trees, which were immediately taken care of without incidents or damage.

He added that given the information of more rains in the capital, the Municipality will maintain permanent surveillance in the 56 critical points of the city, especially on very steep slopes where there may be erosion, very old house structures and trees, which due to the saturation of water in the soils and with the winds, can fall on the power lines, telephone lines and even on homes.

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