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Municipality will execute 81 storm drainage projects in 2021, the investment exceeds 1 billion córdobas

The Mayor's Office of Managua will invest 1,253,477,794 córdobas in 81 storm drainage projects by 2021, part of these projects is the construction of 4 new micro-dams and the lining of channels, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, in supervising progress in the construction of the Villa Jerusalen micro-dam located in Sabana Grande.

The main drainage works in 2021 begin with the construction of the Villa Jerusalen and Ciudad Belen reservoirs.

“By 2021 we will carry out 81 drainage projects, of these 70 are for storm drainage and 11 for sanitary sewerage, among the main works for next year, we have two micro-dams that are located in this district, such as the Belén micro-dam and the micro-dam. Jerusalem, this will allow us to protect the nearby urbanizations, remove water from the El Borbollón riverbed and avoid the recurring floods that we have in the sectors of Monte Fresco, Santa Elena and Los Chagüites ”, he explained.

Moreno explained that there are 4 micro-dams that will be built next year with an investment of 362 million 285 thousand 995 córdobas and with this the lives of at least 50 thousand people will be protected.

“The Jerusalem micro dam will have a catchment capacity of 173 thousand cubic meters of water, with a depth of 6 to 9 meters, it will be one of the largest in the area and in 2021 we will begin construction of the Las Maravillas and Camino del River that will be near Sabana Grande protecting 50 thousand people, we are talking that these will have a catchment capacity of 150 thousand to 200 thousand cubic meters of water ”.

In addition to the construction of the 4 micro-dams, the Municipality will also invest 175 million 950 thousand córdobas in the lining of channels, among which are the expansion of the Eastern channel with 872 million córdobas, La Primavera in its seventh stage and Villa Dignidad second stage, both with an investment of 10 million córdobas each.

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