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The capital commune guarantees a new road network in the Laureles Norte neighborhood

The residents of the Laureles Norte neighborhood received 5 new streets that the Municipality paved as part of the restitution of rights, which the Good Government directed to improve the family environment of the managuas.

This work of the Common Good was inaugurated and delivered to the families of the sector by Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who assured that the paving of new streets is progressing in the different neighborhoods of Managua.

He stated that this project is part of the 2020 Streets for the People Program, which has an advance of the 81% and with this road improvement, progress is being made in 595 new blocks of the 737 that are projected to be built this year.

He also explained that this road improvement project had an investment of 3 million córdobas, directly benefiting 13 thousand residents of this community, who live in the 1,800 homes that make up this capital neighborhood.

Mrs. Bertha Molina, has lived in Laureles Norte for 25 years and expressed her happiness for the new work, "at the beginning it was a riverbed and now the neighborhood is well changed, only with our President we had sewage, drinking water, lighting, energy electricity and now the streets, I am excited, I never thought I would see it, but yes, today we have already achieved it and I hope in God and the Commander who is going to compose all the streets of the neighborhood for us ”, the protagonist stressed.

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