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Consultative Councils conclude with inhabitants of District VII of Managua

This afternoon, the capital authorities concluded the Conference of Consultative Councils with the inhabitants of the 58 neighborhoods that make up District VII of the capital city.

The residents exercised their right to direct democracy, listened to the Preliminary Draft of the Municipal Budget for Income and Expenditure 2021 presented by the Mayor of Managua and exposed the demands and different difficulties they have in each of the neighborhoods.

The Preliminary Project proposal has a projection of 6 thousand 499 million 880 thousand córdobas for the execution of 417 projects in the seven districts of Managua.

"We are practically ending the consultation day of our preliminary draft budget for the year 2021, in this budget we are reflecting 417 projects in the different components, storm drainage roads, urban equipment and environmental projects, which will attract tranquility and improvements in each one of the neighborhoods, ”stressed Rueda.

He explained that the budget for District VII has an investment amount of 531 million 191 thousand 735 córdobas. 40 projects will be executed through the Infrastructure Directorate with an investment of 56 million 323 thousand cordobas, 34 projects through the District Delegation, with an amount of 30 million 800 thousand cordobas; in addition to 9 environmental projects, 38 human development projects; as well as maintenance and public cleaning works.

“This is part of the commitment of our Good Government, to consult with the families that directly affect your project. They feel taken into account that their demands, their concerns and the different difficulties they have in each of the neighborhoods are reflected in this Draft Budget ”, indicated Reyna Rueda at the conclusion of the Consultative Council in this town.

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