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Municipality prepares cemeteries for the Day of the All Souls

More than forty workers from the Managua Mayor's Office began cleaning, ornamentation, and improvement of streets and platforms of the 39 blocks that make up the General Cemetery of the capital.

The Mayor Reyna Rueda reported that the Capital Commune has assigned one million annual cordobas and permanent crews to carry out maintenance and cleaning in each cemetery, however, prior to the Day of the Faithful, a special cleaning day is carried out for visitors , find the 160 thousand lots of this cemetery in optimal conditions, where more than a million relatives rest.

He explained that 32 workers remain in the cemetery and for this day they joined forces with the Ornato Directorate and add 49 collaborators, who with the help of machinery attend this cemetery, which is the largest in Managua.

"Infrastructure works, tree pruning, fumigation and general painting have been carried out," said the Mayor.

Similarly, the Mayor stated that it is planned to remove 500 cubic meters of waste, "we have already 200 evacuated, so we are doing very well, at a good pace, we will have the cemetery prepared in time and form for the more than 8 thousand brothers and sisters who visit this place on November 2 ”.

During the supervision tour, the Mayor highlighted the significant contribution made by families in the cemeteries to keep the perimeter of their lots clean, "it is a joint effort with the Municipality, we must work together to keep the place where the deceased faithful rest clean. ”He urged.

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