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District VI families attend advisory council

Capital authorities carried out this Monday, the Consultative Council to present to the population of District VI the proposal for the Preliminary Draft of the General Budget of Income and Expenditure for the year 2021.

This proposal was presented by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, who reported that for the year 2021, the budget projection is 6,499,880,000 córdobas.

He explained that in the District VI budget, 113 million 326 thousand cordobas will be invested, to execute 35 infrastructure projects: 23 projects through the Infrastructure Directorate with an amount of 89 million 326 thousand cordobas and 18 projects through the District Delegation , with a cost of 24 million córdobas.

The Mayor said that every year the town councils are held to share the Budget Draft with all the Districts of the capital, "we make this exchange, we collect the contributions and demands that citizens have and we are enriching our Draft, to deliver it before December" .

He mentioned that District VI is the largest in Managua, it has 146 sectors, they all have demands and the Draft Project "reflects all those contributions that have been made known to our Draft through the neighborhood work teams, for Therefore, his will, his concern, his demand is already reflected, ”the Mayor stressed during the meeting.

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