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Stocked markets with low prices on all La Gritería products and Christmas parties

This weekend, the merchants of Roberto Huembes, began the commercialization of their own products for the celebration of the Immaculate Conception of María and the Christmas season.

The Secretary of the City Council, Jennifer Porras, together with the Merchants Association and COMMEMA, made a tour of this shopping center and was able to confirm the supply of products and the offers that are offered to consumers.

The merchant María Aguiluz, announced discounts on the traditional cartas and sweets of La Purísima and invited families to visit the markets where they will find excellent deals to buy the Purísima cap. "We are with cheaper prices than last year due to the economic situation," said Aguiluz.

He specified that the 50 units of striped candies cost 50 cordobas, the coconut caramel is 80 cordobas for 50 units, the baskets for the sweets vary in prices from 50 to 120 cordobas depending on the size, the gofio costs 5 cordobas per unit and The coconut cartas, chimbo egg, and milk cajeta are at 60 cordobas a dozen.

In the same way, the merchant Jessica Rostrán, who offers products for the Marian and Christmas holidays, affirmed that it has prices accessible to the pockets of the managuas. “I have lights from 120, garlands to 150 cordobas, it all depends on the size of the garlands, I have been offering Christmas trees of various sizes and prices, at 300 to 500 cordobas and I also have a dozen balls for the Purísimas at 150 cordobas ", he claimed.

During this tour, the Secretary of the Managua Council, reaffirmed the support and attention that the Municipality provides to the merchants of the capital markets, highlighting that in the proposal of the municipal budget for the year 2021 of the municipal markets, improvement projects are contemplated road, infrastructure, security and also on environmental issues.

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