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Residents of District V raise the needs of their community in the Consultative Council

As part of the model of citizen power and direct democracy, the Mayor of Managua held the Consultative Council of the Municipal Budget of Income and Expenditure 2021, with the inhabitants of District V of the capital.

The proposal of the Preliminary Project to the General Budget of Income and Expenses of the Municipality for the year 2021, was presented by the Mayor of the Capital, Reyna Rueda who reported that for the year 2021, the budget projection is 6 thousand 499 million 880 thousand cordobas.

He also detailed that in the District V budget, 550 million 985 thousand cordobas will be invested, 43 infrastructure projects will be executed, among them: 23 projects through the Infrastructure Directorate with an amount of 51 million 560 thousand cordobas and 20 projects through the District Delegation, with an allocation of 25 million córdobas; in addition to 9 environmental projects, 38 human development projects; as well as public cleaning and maintenance works.

"We are very happy with this enriching exchange that we have developed with the families, with this direct communication that allows us to realize the needs through the very important contributions of the population, to feed our Preliminary Budget for the year 2021," said the Mayor Rueda.

He specified that most of the demands raised by the inhabitants of this district, is in road improvement for the neighborhoods, "within our Draft we have proposed different complements to follow up on all the love projects that we have been doing and the welfare of the families. Only in roads we have 177 new blocks ”, he stressed.

The resident Martha Susana Balmaceda Castro from the La Maravilla community said that the holding of this council “is a good thing, because it is where they give us an answer to each of the sectors. Here they listen to us and give us a solution to the proposals presented by the neighborhoods of Managua ”, he indicated.

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