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Municipality builds water reservoir in the San Isidro Libertador region

The Mayor's Office of Managua benefited six producers who own small farms in the San Isidro Libertador region in District III, with the construction of infiltration ponds or tanks known as water reservoirs, these are delivered to the protagonists totally free.

This is a pilot project and in the first stage six reservoirs were built with an investment of 1,200,000 córdobas. The construction of these is part of the Environmental Bonus and the training that the Capital Commune provides to environmentally friendly producers to prepare and adapt them to climate change.

The objective of the project is for the producer to have stored water and to be able to sow in the summer months. In this way the protagonists will be able to improve the productivity of their crops.

Each reservoir has a storage capacity of 13 water pipes. This project is a complementary work for the conservation of soil, water sources and watershed management.

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