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Capital markets prepare for the black weekends of November and December

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales and the wholesale market merchants announced this Friday that 28 thousand sections of the 8 capital markets are preparing to offer offers and low prices on the black weekends, which will be held in November and December.

Armas announced that the Black Weekends will begin this November 20, 21 and 22 with promotions never seen before in the municipal markets, "we are going to have two Black Weekends with excessively favorable prices, with super discounts in all Managua markets," said the mayor .

He added that there will be discounts on pants, shoes, appliances, toys, household items, "everything that the brothers from the different capital markets are used to selling."

During the tour that the mayor of the capital made through this shopping center, he explained that the Merchants Associations and the product distribution companies are already establishing their coordination with COMMEMA, so that the black weekends are a success.

“The 18 thousand sections, stores and shelves in the Oriental market are going to have sales. Here in the Wholesale market, where there are more than 1,700 sections, they will have discounts and the Roberto Huembes brothers who have the luxury of having 3 thousand 168 sections will also have many discounts, so a month of November is coming and December full of sales, full of joy, full of happiness and good sales for the merchants and good prices for the brothers who are going to come with their fortnight, with their salary, with their Christmas bonus to do the shopping in the different capital markets ”.

Nubia Sánchez, wholesaler merchant, said that the offers and low prices for the celebrations in December are already in place "and we tell all our customers that we are waiting for them with many offers, the Wholesale market is very safe and has very cheap prices."

In the same way, Mrs. María Callejas expressed herself, who announced promotions in all articles for La Gritería and Christmas.

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