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Comarca Sabana Grande has new streets

As part of the restitution of rights and complying with the commitment to improve the living conditions of the capital's families, the capital's commune carried out the road improvement of 4.5 blocks of streets in the Sabana Grande Comarca of the 7th district of Managua.

This work of progress had an investment cost of 1 million 200 thousand córdobas and was delivered to the community, by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas Rosales.

“We are very happy to provide the population with 4 new streets that are now joining the other 50 streets, which the Mayor of Managua has built throughout this sector in recent years. There are already 54 streets that have been paved, resurfaced, cobbled and others have been repaired with hydraulic concrete, ”Armas explained at the opening ceremony.

Fabio Garibo, a resident of the region expressed his satisfaction with the work carried out, “this is one more benefit that is coming to our town in Sabana Grande. The people are very grateful for this project and we also thank the Commander, Compañera Rosario and the colleagues from the Mayor's Office of Managua who are supporting the people ”.

In the same way, the protagonist Fabiola Méndez expressed herself, “we thank God first, our President and our Companera Rosario Murillo, because Sabana Grande is prospering every day with good benefits, construction of houses and roads”.

The Vice Mayor Armas highlighted that this region has benefited from other projects, which add up to an investment of 80 million córdobas.

“Sabana Grande has opened its doors to modernity, it has parks, sports fields, CDI, vehicular bridge, it is an expanded, improved, corrected Sabana Grande that has more than 15 thousand inhabitants in almost 4 thousand houses, a very beautiful place , a very cool place ”, commented the mayor of the capital.

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