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Commune holds town hall in District II and announces construction of Las Piedrecitas park for the year

The Mayor's Office of Managua will invest 543 million córdobas next year in District II in its Annual Investment Plan, as reflected in the Preliminary Budget that was presented to the residents in the citizen consultation, on Tuesday, October 20 in the Parque del Acahualinca neighborhood.

There are 64 projects in total that will be carried out in this district, with an investment of 92 million 500 thousand córdobas by 2021 and among the parks that will be rehabilitated is the Las Piedrecitas park.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, explained that among the emblematic projects for next year will be the recovery of this park.

“The attempted coup stopped us two years ago from carrying out this work, but we are always committed to working and serving families. This park brings many memories to today's adults, therefore today we are letting families know that this 2021 will be the total construction of the park, as well as many more works that will improve the living conditions of the population".

He added that in district two through the Infrastructure Directorate “we have forty-two projects with an amount of 76 million 500 thousand córdobas, and we also have twenty-two projects that will be executed directly by district two of the Mayor's Office, with the investment of 16 million córdobas ”.

In that same event, the population presented suggestions for the projects that need to be carried out in their neighborhoods, most of them aimed at storm drainage and the construction of more streets. 

“Every year we are improving each of the neighborhoods of the capital. For this year we have a historic budget and that is why we have already begun direct communication with the families through the town councils, as has been our custom, ”said Rueda.

Before the end of 2020, the Managua Council will have the final budget ready, already with the suggestions of the population that participates in the councils that are being held in each district, and this will be approved in an extraordinary session.

Among the main demands of the residents of District II are the reconstruction of streets, the perimeter closure of a CDI in the Denmark neighborhood, the construction of a track within the Gadala María field and the construction of a school in the Bóer neighborhood.

María Teresa Rodríguez is a historical combatant from the Bóer neighborhood, she asks the Municipality to help with the construction of a school in this neighborhood.

“We have come to request that they help us build a community school, there are about 2,000 children in the neighborhood and the kids have to go far to find where to study, here we bring more than 4,000 signatures, because there are mothers who don't have enough for a private school or they cannot go to leave them and attract them so long, that is our greatest need ”said the resident. [vc_images_carousel images=”34779,34780,34781,34782,34783,34784,34772,34773,34774,34775,34776,34777″ img_size=”large”]

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