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Senior receives his new home

The Dignified Housing Program built emergency house 338 in the Jonathan González neighborhood of District I, benefiting the protagonist Marvin Rivera, who on October 3 lost his home consumed by a fire. Rivera is a senior citizen, lives alone and earns his living as a gardener.

The Jonathan González neighborhood has 923 homes and a population of 9,575 inhabitants and in 9 years the Dignified Housing Program developed by the Good Government has built 54 homes.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda explained that the effective response was due to the organized work between the Commune and the neighborhood labor cabinet.

“We are delighted to know that our brother Marvin already has a roof to shelter in, in 2013 he had received a decent home and on October 3 he lost his home, this quick response is achieved thanks to the organized work of the community of the Mayor's Office and to the unconditional support of the beloved people of China (Taiwan).

For his part, Ambassador Jaime Chin-Mu Wu highlighted the quick response that the Municipality provided to Rivera.

"It moves our hearts to see the face of happiness that Don Marvin has, it is admirable how the Mayor's Office team gave a quick response to him that he had no place to live, that is why we will continue to support this program of the government of Commander Daniel that has transformed the life of 338 families that were in vulnerability ”said the diplomat.

Don Marvin Rivera lives alone and the day the house burned down he was working. “I have no words to thank the Mayor's Office for support, but above all to the Commander because he works with all the Mayor's Offices to solve people's problems and I am sure that in 2021 we will win again because he is the only one who remembers the poor ”, said the protagonist.

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