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Mayor's Office exempts citizens who have vehicles in the Municipal Deposit

The Honorable Council of Managua in use of its powers conferred by law in Art. 28, subsection 4 of Law No. 40, "Law of Municipalities with Incorporated Reforms" in the Extraordinary Session number 19, issued special resolution No. 114-2020, which in its article 1 exempts the payment of administrative fees and services , to the owners of the means of transport that are in the facilities of the Vehicle Deposit of the Municipality of Managua.

This suspension of payments covers all vehicles that have entered the Depot from its creation until June 30 of the year two thousand and twenty.

The Honorable Council directed the administration of the Vehicle Deposit of the Municipality of Managua, to initiate the procedure of delivery of the vehicles with only the presentation of the act of delivery of goods that the National Police will grant to the owners.

The special resolution in its article 2 states that The deadline for delivering the vehicles will begin on October nineteenth of the current year and will end on December thirty-first, two thousand and twenty.

This special resolution (114-2020) came into effect as of its approval by the Council, which was held this October 15 at 4:00 in the afternoon in the Japan-Nicaragua Park Auditorium, as established in its article 3.

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