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Mayor of Managua Reyna Rueda presents the General Budget of Income and Expenditure for 2021

In the Extraordinary Session number 19, the comrade Reyna Rueda, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua presented to the Honorable Municipal Council the proposal of the Municipal Budget of Income and Expenditure corresponding to the year 2021, in compliance with the provisions of article 53 of the Law of Municipalities and the provisions of the Municipal Budget Regime Law.

The Draft of the General Budget of the Mayor's Office of Managua, for the year 2021, presented by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado amounts to 6 thousand 499 million 880 thousand 984 córdobas. Likewise, he stated that the Ordinary Income estimated at 3 thousand 658 million 726 thousand 897 córdobas, which comes from the taxes and fees contemplated in the current Excise Plan, among them, the Municipal Tax on Income, Registration and Licenses, Property Property, Bearing, Garbage Fee and Miscellaneous Income. Likewise, it is estimated to receive 2 thousand 320 million 814 thousand 610 córdobas, of Extraordinary Income, from various sources of external financing.

It should be noted that in this Preliminary Project an item of 520 million 339 thousand 477 córdobas is being included, corresponding to the initial cash balance and the projection of Expenditures, it is estimated that in the same amount of Income, that is, in 6 thousand 499 million 880 thousand 984 cordobas.

With this budget, it is planned to carry out works and investment projects of great importance, to continue transforming, beautifying and modernizing the capital city; in addition to improving the living conditions and well-being of the capital's families.

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