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Temporary road closure in the Central America Rotunda, at the intersection with the Solidaridad Track

At approximately 7:30 p.m. yesterday, the rupture of a drinking water pipeline at the top of the Rotonda Centroamérica at the intersection with Pista Solidaridad (lane from west to east).

Immediately, the crews of the Mayor of Managua and ENACAL, temporarily closing this access to the roundabout, in order to diagnose the damage and start immediately with the repair works.

Coordination has been carried out with colleagues from the National Police to establish the corresponding detours and regulate vehicular traffic through this sector.

The team of specialists from both institutions is working on the site continuously, to guarantee as soon as possible the reestablishment of road traffic through this point. We ask road users for compression due to the inconvenience that this may cause.

We recommend to drivers of buses, taxis, private vehicles, general users of public roads, Refrain from driving west to east towards the Central America Rotunda, as this access point will be temporarily closed and we suggest using alternate routes to avoid traffic jams.

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