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International Boxing Evening "Victorious October"

In promoting the sport in its different disciplines, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua held an International Boxing Evening this Saturday, October 10 with the best Nicaraguan Amateur Prospects.

This event was held at the Nicarao Gymnasium and had the participation of 16 fighters, including 14 Nicaraguan prospects and 2 Cuban boxers.

In total there were 8 vibrant fights in different categories: 75, 91, 57, 47 and 54 Kg that the capital families were able to enjoy, as part of the healthy recreation promoted by the Good Government.

Comrade Enrique Armas, Vice Mayor of Managua, was happy and proud of the boxing event.

"This boxing evening organized by the Sports Directorate of the Managua Mayor's Office is part of a broad sports program that the Capital Municipality will be developing, celebrating this Victorious October, in greeting to this October full of victory for the Nicaraguan people," said the Arms companion.

He added that "it is an international boxing card with the participation of Cuban boxers who are already residing in Nicaragua, from where they are going to relaunch their boxing career."

Don Bismarck Morales of the World Boxing Council (WBC), expressed his joy at being in Nicaragua, “among friends, among my Nicaraguan brothers, because I am Nicaraguan. This is something beautiful about the Managua Mayor's Office, which takes care of children who have nowhere to go to practice boxing, and the Mayor's Office is doing it and taking advantage of this young talent and not letting it go to waste, ”said the WBC official .

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