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Mercadito Róger Deshon has a new storm drainage system

The merchants who work in the Róger Deshon market in the San Judas neighborhood have a new rainwater catchment network that the Municipality built in a period of 45 days, with an investment of a little more than 400 thousand córdobas, benefiting to more than 250 merchants, as confirmed by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas during the weekend tour of the permanent discount fair "Victorious October".

Armas explained that this rainwater drainage work is the first stage of a project carried out in the last quarter of the year in this market.

“The work done to drain the market was a success, a good amount of resources has been invested in this market, you witnessed the change of roof at the beginning of the year, now we improve the drainage, we want to acknowledge that effort enormous thing that the Government of Commander Daniel does to guarantee to the merchant brothers through COMMEMA, a modernization of the infrastructure of the capital markets ”.

Freddy Casco, COMMEMA General Manager, reported that merchants are preparing to hold the black weekends in November, with the aim of promoting sales and economic dynamism in the country.

For their part, the merchants of this market announced in this same tour that before the end of this year the management will carry out the second stage of the project, which consists of changing the roof of the dining room area.

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