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Discounts at Roberto Huembes

The merchants of the Roberto Huembes market continue the festival of discounts and promotions on all their products; So they invited Nicaraguan families to make their purchases in this capital market.

The merchant Alexander Pérez from the toys area announced that there are already offers for the traditional festivities of the Immaculate Conception of María and Christmas.

"We have prices per dozen and a discount is made at the end of your bill," emphasized Pérez, urging families to take advantage of the fact that prices are accessible to the consumer's pocket.

Similarly, said Mrs. Jéssica Rostrán, who announced discounts on various items for the December festivities.

"For these months we have many offers for families who visit us, discounts from the 10%", stressed Rostrán.

This announcement was made known by comrade Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua during her visit to this shopping center, as part of the Citizen Power model and in direct communication with merchants.

"The variety of products in the markets supplies nationally. Every day there are permanent discounts in this populous capital business, ”said Mayor Rueda.

Similarly, Rueda announced that the Municipality through COMMEMA will transfer the administration of this market to the ground floor, to facilitate access for people with disabilities. In addition, there will be reworking works on several streets and road improvement in this capital business.

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