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Road improvement works in the Domitila Lugo neighborhood conclude

More families are benefited from the Streets for the People Program promoted by Good Government, in coordination with the Municipality. This time, the inhabitants of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood were the protagonists of 6 paved blocks that guarantee vehicular circulation through the sector.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, inaugurated the work and said that this road improvement had an investment cost of 3 million 236 thousand cordobas and directly benefits 5 thousand 73 protagonists, who live in 1,305 homes in this community.

Armas pointed out that since 2015 to date, 6 storm drainage and road improvement projects have been carried out, which contribute to improving the quality of life of the residents of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood, in which approximately 33 million córdobas have been invested. .

Karla Hernández, a resident of the sector, said that with this work, "children, the elderly and the population have the opportunity to go out, to play, since the ponds and dust have disappeared thanks to the Streets for the People Project."

To date, the Municipality has achieved, through the Streets for the People Program, the construction of 578 blocks, a 78% of progress in the proposed goal for 2020, bringing with it development, improvements in the quality of life and greater value for the homes adjacent to the works.

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