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Municipality covers six new blocks with hydraulic concrete in the Hialeah neighborhood

The 543 families that live in the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood will have 6 new blocks lined with hydraulic concrete in the next few days, thanks to a comprehensive project carried out by the capital city, said project also carries out storm drainage and sanitation works.

The Secretary General Fidel Moreno, during a supervision tour, explained that the project is part of the Annual Investment Plan of District I and has an investment of 5 million, 883 thousand 533 cordobas, benefiting 4 thousand 532 protagonists.

“We are doing a comprehensive project, with which we are ensuring the prominence of the families in the sector, since historically it was one of the most vulnerable in the city due to the steep slopes, we had constant floods, the micro-dam had become for us a high critical point and thanks to all the efforts we have managed to stabilize the area, we already have 26 blocks covered, with this we guarantee the safety of 4,532 inhabitants ”.

The official explained that since 2014 the Municipality has developed 8 road improvement projects in this fourth stage, with a total scope of 26 lined blocks and an investment that exceeds 25 million cordobas.

With this project, the student population of the Benito Juárez school is directly benefited and severe damages suffered by the families living in the surroundings of the micro-dam are eliminated.

The principal of the Benito Juárez school, Ana Salvadora Arce, explained that the most benefited in the neighborhood are the children who attend this study center.

“Thank God and the government they repaired our streets here 575 children come to study and in rainy times they were the ones who suffered the most, first because the current was dangerous because of how strong and second because of the quagmire, now the kids come with their dry and clean uniform, ”said Arce.

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