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Good Government delivers 21 property titles to Evangelical Churches in celebration of Bible Day

In the framework of the celebration of the 451 anniversary of the translation of the Bible into Spanish, the Central Government in coordination with the Municipality made the second delivery of property titles to Evangelical Churches of different denominations, in restitution of their property rights, there are 21 churches that now have legal security.

The government of President Ortega, through the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), began in 2007 an action plan to legalize the Evangelical Churches that have waited up to 15 years for a property title, with this delivery 575 are completed titles delivered.

The churches that received their title deed are originally from Rivas, Granada, Villa El Carmen, Mateare, Los Brasiles, Tipitapa, Matagalpa, San Rafael, Ciudad Sandino and Managua.

The first installment of this year was held on April 22 in the Japan-Nicaragua park auditorium, on that occasion 34 property titles were delivered and in this second installment 21 in total, in these 9 months 55 titles have been delivered.

The delivery of the documents to the legal representatives of the religious institutions was in charge of the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, and the Attorney General of the Republic, Wendy Morales.

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