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To conclude the second stage of lining the Germán Pomares riverbed

The municipal authorities supervised the final works of the second stage of the lining of the Germán Pomares riverbed in District V, which is 98 percent complete, this work is part of the 33 drainage projects that the Municipality executed this year through of its PIA 2020 Annual Investment Plan. In addition to eliminating a critical point, it benefits a little more than 50 thousand people, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno.

“This project covered 140 linear meters with concrete, with an investment of 4.2 million córdobas, with this segment of channel a critical point in the capital is eliminated, at the beginning of this year we had 57 critical points and with this work there are 56 critical points , the work is 98 percent complete, we are in the final works ”.

Moreno explained that this year the Municipality in its Public Investment Program will carry out 33 storm drainage projects of which 29 projects are already completed, which represents 95 percent progress of the 2020 Investment Plan. At the same time, he highlighted the importance of lining this channel, which eliminates the vulnerability of at least three neighborhoods.

“The lining of this channel allows us to articulate and expand an entire storm drainage system in District V, benefiting the Germán Pomares, René Polanco, Pablo Úbeda neighborhoods, which were vulnerable to flooding, now the rainwater from these neighborhoods with this work, they are channeled to the FANABASA channel ”.

This year the Capital Commune invested 102.4 million córdobas in drainage works and those that are being executed in the last quarter of the year are: expansion of the drainage pipeline on 25 Calle, lining of the Villa Dignidad - Ciudad Belén riverbed, construction of two reservoirs in Ciudad Belén and the sanitary improvement of the Francisco Salazar neighborhood in District V.

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