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Capital residents have a new virtual platform to know and carry out urban planning procedures

Capitalinos have a new virtual platform to consult and learn about urban issues in Managua; This online urban education program was presented by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, who said that from this Wednesday, September 23, families can make their inquiries online, before attending the one-stop shop for construction, saving time and money.

This virtual platform can be visited from our website www.managua.gob.ni where you will find the UrbanismoManagua button, through which direct interaction with the citizen will be allowed, who will be attended by specialized advisers from the Urbanism Directorate, to respond efficiently to your concerns about urban issues, raising awareness and informing you about the importance of respecting the rules, municipal ordinances and laws that govern the urban theme of the capital city, with the aim of contributing to its development.

Likewise, it was announced that this virtual space was designed with prior consultations with key actors, among them, university coordinators, involved institutions, district delegations, architects and construction companies.

For his part, comrade Camilo Fonseca, General Director of the Environment, Urban Planning and Land Registry, said that this platform will provide services to strengthen communication with the population, through land uses, urban maps, rights of way, master plans, emblematic projects, among other procedures, on urban issues.

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