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Municipality declares Bertha Genara Vallecillo "Living Treasure of the City of Managua"

This weekend the municipal authorities visited and paid tribute to the protagonist Bertha Genara Vallecillo Morales, who this Saturday, September 19, celebrated a centenary of her birth and the Mayor of Managua through the Directorate of Culture and Historical Heritage, declared Vallecillo "Living Treasure of the City of Managua" for preserving in its memories the living memory of the capital's history, since the 1931 earthquake and promoting devotion to the Virgin Mary during the Mariana festivities in the Altars Contest and La Gritería.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda highlighted the importance of the role that Bertha Genara has played in fervor to the Virgin, in the Las Jagüitas region.

“Doña Genara, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario send you a big hug, they are waiting for you and we are proud and honored to have a sister like you among us, who for us is an invaluable relic for all her knowledge and his vivid memories of the history of the capital, and fills us with admiration as he has transmitted from generation to generation, that love for our Blessed Mother, in the Altars Contest, ”said Mayor Rueda.

Mrs. Bertha Genara Vallecillo has won the altars contest for 10 consecutive years and the only year that she did not win is because she did not participate and although she cannot do things due to her condition, she reunites her family and gets everyone to focus on the construction, arrangement and decoration of the altar.

The honoree has 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren and even at 100 years of age, she is clear about the situation in the country. Doña Genara thanked the Mayor's Office for the visit and shared some of her memories with the municipal authorities.

"I thank all of you for remembering me, every month the President and Mrs. Rosario send me a food package, I always live praying for them so that God protects and blesses them, I also ask the Virgin and San Miguel May this virus take away, may it free us from this disease, you see, my grandchildren wanted to make me a party, but we will only do something familiar because people do not want to go out, because of the virus, we are like in the earthquake of 31 , I remember that my grandmother was carrying milk on a donkey and at the time of the earthquake the little animal bent its legs and all the milk fell off, after that nobody wanted to come to Managua ”, said the honoree.

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