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The construction of drainage works on 25 Calle progresses

The municipal authorities carried out a tour to evaluate the progress works in the Project “Expansion 25 Calle” and although this project is for road improvement, it carries out primary rain drainage works that will benefit Districts I, II and III.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno explained that it was decided to expand the drainage capacity with a 42-inch pipe, a little more than 2 kilometers on the main axis of 25 Calle, to guarantee that the families living in Altagracia and in the surrounding areas of the route do not suffer flooding due to the volumes of water coming from the Juan Pablo II Track.

Moreno confirmed that all the drainage works of the project, such as the expansion of the pipeline and the construction of the Cuajachillo Bridge, are 89 percent complete and once they are finished, the road works will begin, such as the construction of the 4-lane track, which will join the Batahola Radial until reaching the United Nations Track, will allow a road articulation of a little more than 1.8 kilometers to 4 lanes, the works will be completed in the next three months.

At the beginning of the last quarter of the year, Moreno explained that 32 drainage projects are carried out, which means 90 percent progress of the Annual Investment Plan in drainage, with an investment of a little more than 102 million córdobas, while the clearing works on the Juan Pablo II Runway are 70 percent complete.

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