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Streets for the Town asphalt main road of the Camilo Chamorro neighborhood

The Municipal Government through the 2020 Streets for the People Program paved the main street of the Camilo Chamorro neighborhood in District VI, this main road that measures 8 blocks, is the direct access that the inhabitants use to go to the neighborhood hospital.

There are 8 new blocks of road network, with an investment of 1,300,000 córdobas. Prior to this road improvement project, the necessary storm drainage works were carried out to give continuity to the expansion and construction program of the neighborhood's drainage system.

104 linear meters of reinforced concrete pipe were installed and the construction of a manhole and three drains, with an additional investment of 614,918 córdobas.

With this road improvement project, the neighborhood achieves 70 percent of covered streets, with which the physical and environmental conditions on the access roads of the residents were improved. 

Both projects add up to a total investment of 1 million 914 thousand 918 córdobas benefiting 13 thousand 408 protagonists, since taxis, caponiers and pedestrians circulate on this main road.

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