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Inhabitants of Cedro Galán are benefited with drainage and road works

The municipal authorities supervised the project that is being carried out in the Cedro Galán community of District III, this project has two components, with an investment of more than 2 million córdobas, in both components (roads and storm drainage).

With the execution of this project, the quality of life of the inhabitants will improve, because in winter they will no longer have sticks or the houses in the lower part of the community will be flooded.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the project has two objectives, one of them is to improve the roads of the street by covering a little more than 5 blocks of streets, through the Streets for the People Program.

"We are starting a project here in Cedro Galán that has two elements in the road section, we are going to cover a little more than 5 blocks using two modalities, three blocks will be asphalt and two blocks will be hydraulic concrete, with this the route will improve of vehicles, caponiers, transportation in general and the waters will also be channeled, "explained Moreno.

He added that the concrete will be placed in the part of the street that is more inclined due to the strong current when it rains, all the road works have an investment of 1,500,000 córdobas.

Moreno explained that the second objective of the project will carry out rain drainage works, to reduce the impact of the current in the lower part of the street.

“We are building a retaining wall to protect the houses that are in danger of flooding, as there are many sediments that come down from the upper area, which cover the channel, this is a very important project for the inhabitants of this area and has the 40 percent progress ”.

At the same time, he reported that the Streets for the People Program is 75 percent complete, with 539 blocks completed out of 737 that will be served this year.

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