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Reforestation Campaign "A Madroño, Pride of my Country, with Homeland in the Heart"

This morning began the Reforestation Campaign of the National Tree, El Madroño, which promotes the rescue of our national symbols and strengthens the values of care, protection and conservation of our Madroño, this event is held in celebration of the 199th anniversary of the Independence of Central America and 164th Anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda announced that the Municipality, in coordination with the National Forest Institute (Inafor), the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement and the Sandinista Youth (JS), began by planting 500 Madroño trees in the Villa Jerusalem Urbanization of the Bismarck Program Martinez.

He added that "in love and promotion of our forest resources, we deliver more than 30 thousand Madroño trees nationwide to students, families, community members, producers and professionals directly and indirectly linked to reforestation activities."

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