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The construction and lining of the channel begins in the Monte Nebo Sector

The Mayor's Office of Managua began the construction and lining of the Sabana Grande riverbed in the Monte Nebo sector, this work is the last drainage project of 27 projects that the Municipality will carry out this year.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that the project will cover 240 linear meters in this first stage, in two stretches of riverbed, with an investment of close to 20 million córdobas and will be ready in 90 days, at the end of November and from This year, annual stages will be carried out until it is fully concluded, each stage will have an investment of almost 20 million córdobas.

Moreno confirmed that of the 27 drainage projects, 25 are fully completed, which means an advance of 95 percent, at the same time he reported that the rains of the last days only caused minor damages in certain parts of the city.

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