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Neighborhoods of District VII celebrate works that improve their road network

The 10 thousand Inhabitants of the Carlos Núñez and Annex of Villa Libertad neighborhoods of District VII, celebrated with an artistic gala and parade of comparsas, the inauguration of two new improvement projects that the Municipality carried out simultaneously and that unites both neighborhoods with a new highway. communication.

The first was the construction of a 6.6 meter wide by 17 meter long vehicular bridge that connects both sectors, this was built through the 2020 Annual Investment Plan, with an investment of 2 million 681 thousand 254 córdobas.

The second project is the construction of a new road network of 7 new blocks lined with asphalt, with an investment of 3 million 138 thousand 665 córdobas, this road improvement was made through the Streets for the People 2020 Program.

Both projects add up to a total investment of 5 million 819 thousand 919 córdobas.

The protagonists of the project and residents of the neighborhood honored the memory of Lieutenant Hilario de Jesús Ortiz Zabala who lived and grew up in this neighborhood and belonged to the National Police and in July 2018 he died defending the peace process that Nicaragua was experiencing, for that reason the The residents decided to name the bridge after them, while the avenue made up of the 7 new paved streets will be called Avenida Héroes de la Paz.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, when delivering the project to the community, highlighted that with these new roads, the neighborhood reaches 65 percent of its streets covered.

“It is beautiful to see how this project comes to change and improve the living conditions of the families in the sector, because that is the political will of the good Government. We are grateful for that trust that families have in our Government, and our Government continues to comply with them to improve the living conditions of families in the different neighborhoods, in this project we unify efforts of Streets for the People and our Plan of Annual Investment 2020 ”, stated the Mayor.

For their part, the main families were very happy with these works that they waited for more than three decades and that bring them well-being and better living conditions, thanks to the good Sandinista government that restores their rights.

Don Andrés Antonio Gómez, resident of the Carlos Núñez neighborhood, expressed his gratitude for the new road work.

"We are happy and proud of the government we have, only Commander Daniel Ortega and comrade Rosario Murillo were able to make this dream long awaited for 30 years come true."

The municipal government has been working on the construction of the neighborhood's road network since 2016 and to date, a little more than 14 blocks have been covered with hydraulic concrete, plus 6 blocks of asphalt, making a total of 20 blocks covered, This represents approximately 65 percent of covered streets, with an investment of 19 million 144 thousand 615 córdobas in four years.

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