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New home for the main family

Rainy days were no longer sad and distressing for the family of Mrs. Oliver del Carmen Pérez Zamora and her daughter Sandra Katiuska Bermúdez Pérez, who benefited from the construction of decent home number 323, which is being built by the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua with the support and solidarity of China (Taiwan).

This new dignified home was built in Villa Vallarta of District VI and delivered to the beneficiary family by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado and Mr. Iván Lo, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy (Taiwan) in Nicaragua.

In this activity, comrade Reyna Rueda said that this community has 389 homes and a population of 1,975 inhabitants, where the Good Government has built a total of 39 homes worthy of the year 2009 to date.

The Good Government executed in 2011 an Integral Development Project of Villa Vallarta in coordination with INVUR and the Municipality, benefiting 370 families at that time, guaranteeing them complete access to basic services, with an investment of 1 million 94 thousand dollars.

The Good Government continues working to improve the living conditions of families in the capital through the Annual Investment Plan of District VI, in which 20 million córdobas are allocated in 13 projects, including rainwater drainage, sanitary sewerage, and road improvement works. ; in addition to 15 million córdobas that will be invested in Calles para el Pueblo, benefiting the neighborhoods Jorge Cassaly, Carlos Núñez, Villa Reconciliation Norte and Sur, 31 Aniversario, La Primavera, Miguel Gutiérrez, Hugo Chávez and Gertrudis Áreas neighborhoods.

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