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San Francisco Libre with various destinations to discover

The municipality of San Francisco Libre is located one hour from the capital city, it has an offer of tourist destinations and natural beauties, for family enjoyment and recreation.

The Vice Mayor Albina Conde, Coordinator of the Municipal Tourism Office of San Francisco Libre, invited Nicaraguan families to visit this municipality, which has places where you can experience direct contact with nature and discover new destinations.

Comrade Manuel Marenco, from the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (Intur), said that in the last 4 years the Municipality of San Francisco Libre has grown in its tourism proposal and explained that it currently has 7 companies that provide this service and 5 natural sites, These can be easily accessed, thanks to the efforts and road improvement projects carried out by the Good Government, to guarantee a better quality of life for its inhabitants and facilitate access to the different communities and tourist destinations.

For his part, comrade José Ángel Velásquez, Mayor of San Francisco Libre, expressed that this municipality is the safest in the department of Managua, easily accessible, with its main paved roads and impregnated with the affection and human warmth that characterizes all its inhabitants. .

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