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Doña Martha Oliva's family will live safe and dignified

The Dignified Housing Program in its fourth stage built house 322 in the sector known as California in the Sabana Grande Region, benefiting the protagonist Martha Odilí Oliva Blandón and her family of 9 members, since the house where they lived for 45 years was destroyed when the branches of a tree fell, as a result of a gale that hit this area in recent days.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, when inaugurating the house together with the Ambassador of China (Taiwan) Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, thanked the families for their patience and trust in the work carried out by the government of Commander Daniel to solve the problems of the families in vulnerable situations.

“We are grateful to God who allows us to work and respond to the families who have so patiently waited for an answer and trusted, like our sister Martha Odilí, she lived 45 years in her other home and although she went through moments of anguish, today Thanks to the unequaled solidarity, China (Taiwan) will start a new life in a safe house, ”said the Mayor.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chin-Mu Wu, once again confirmed his country's support for this program, which is transforming the lives of its protagonists.

"Every time we see the smile of a protagonist, our hearts are touched, the smile of Martha when we see her new house, that inspires us to continue supporting the government of President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo not only in this project, but not also planting projects, construction of maternity homes and roads, "said the diplomat.

Martha Oliva expressed her gratitude to all the people who made possible the construction of her new home.

"I have no words to thank so much solidarity from the Government of the Commander and From Taiwan, in my house we are 9 people and we do not have the resources to build and thank God I did not wait long, it was a matter of 15 days, the house we had before was 45 years old, but the branches that fell destroyed the entire roof ”Explained the beneficiary.

The sector known as California is small, it has a population of 120 people and this is the first decent home to be built in the area.

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