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Santa Ana Norte opens streets

The Streets for the People 2020 Program continues to rehabilitate the road network in the Santa Ana Norte neighborhood. The Road Improvement Project paved a new block that was previously in its natural state, which had an investment cost of 307 thousand 123 córdobas.

The project improved the pluvial drainage of the sector and the roads of the neighborhood by joining this asphalt street to the central hydraulic concrete track, the families living on this street had been waiting for this work for more than 30 years, as reported by the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Weapons.

“The Road Improvement Program continues to advance in all neighborhoods of the capital, we continue working to improve and build the road network that our families need, following the mandate of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario del 2015 to 2020, here in the Santa Ana neighborhood we have invested 16 million 934 thousand 759 córdobas in road improvement and storm drainage projects building no less than 25 blocks, either with hydraulic concrete or asphalt, plus the construction of the neighborhood sanitary network and building 32 decent housing ”, detailed Armas.

Santa Ana is one of the largest neighborhoods in District II, it is divided into three sectors; Santa Norte, Santa Ana Central and Santa Ana Sur, has a total population of 10,445 inhabitants and has a cooperative of caponiers that provides transportation service to the community, Steven Miurel has been working as a caponero for 3 years and explained that this street came to change the lives of everyone in the area.

"We feel happy because we are going to be able to work better, before we could not take anyone to their house on that street because it was horrible, now people can take a taxi or a caponier, at the time of an emergency or the rain That was impossible before, and that is the good thing about this Sandinista government that we have, which little by little has been working to improve the living conditions in the neighborhood, ”said the protagonist.

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