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Bicentennial Order 2020 to the Traditionalist Committees of Santo Domingo de Guzmán

On Sunday August 9, as part of the Santo Domingo de Guzmán festivities, the Managua Mayor's Office granted the 2020 Bicentennial Order to the Traditionalist Committees of the capital, which for more than 48 years have kept the tradition and fervor of the saint alive. patron.

The order was imposed by the Mayor of the capital, Reyna Rueda, in the company of Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, on Mr. Oscar Ruiz, known as the Chief Chief; José Alarcón, known among the promisers as Chepe Largo and president of the traditionalist committee of porters of Managua, Carlos Orozco president of the committee of the Culonas Vacas; José María Barahona popularly known as Chema Pelón, author and promoter of the traditional lucio stick, and Raymond Chávez, representing the family of Lisímaco Chávez, who for more than 45 years carry out the traditional sail of the ship in San Judas.

The order was delivered as a recognition of the dedication of these committees for keeping the faith alive and transmitting to the new generations the devotion to the saint who for 135 years has been venerated by the managuas, explained the mayor of the capital Reyna Rueda.

"On behalf of the entire work team of the Mayor's Office of Managua we are delivering the Bicentennial Order with great affection and with great appreciation for that example of faith that has been accompanying us, when the festivities of our patron saint, Santo Domingo, arrive."

José Alarcón is president of the shippers committee, upon receiving the external order, he stated that faith and tradition are more alive than ever, but for the safety of the population this year they decided to protect themselves as directed by the Ministry of Health (MINSA).

“We, the traditionalists and porters of Santo Domingo, are always maintaining the Catholic faith within the people, always maintaining that tradition of the people, which should never die. A people who are always fervent with their traditions is a blessed people. This tradition is turning 165 years old and this year we could not do the procession, but it is in our hearts and here we are celebrating our patron with joy, faith, devotion and love ”, declared Alarcón.

Óscar Ruiz was named the Chief Chief and at his advanced age he continues to dance to the saint at his home in Monseñor Lezcano, with his traditional clothing and large plume. Upon receiving the medal delivered by the Mayor, she expressed her gratitude.

“I am celebrating 55 years of tradition and 50 years of having been named the first chief chief of Santo Domingo. I thank all those who have supported me and continue to support me and that my character is recognized with much affection and respect ”.

In the San Judas neighborhood, the Bicentennial Order was awarded to the grandchildren of Lisímaco Chávez, who every year overflow with music and food to celebrate the miraculous image with the people.

“We are celebrating one more year with this tradition, although we know that this year in a different way. We are grateful to the Managua Mayor's Office, which is always promoting Nicaraguan culture, rescuing cultural values and we hope that it will continue to be carried out in the coming years, ”said Raymond Chávez.

In San José Oriental, Manuel Orozco, the president of the culonas cow committee, said that “this is a great gesture for our San José Oriental neighborhood on behalf of President Daniel Ortega and I tell you that this tradition will continue even if we are not here, because as you can see there are a lot of children who follow us ”.

Finally, the tour of Managua concluded at the house of José María Barahona, better known as Chema Pelón, who lives in front of the Cristo Rey roundabout, where the unique Palo Lucio takes place.

“I have 45 years of making the promise and it started with a promise from my daughter. This area is the happiest every year these days because of the famous pike stick ”, stated Barahona.

This traditionalist with his son presented a plaque in recognition of the work carried out by the Mayor of Managua, who always supports these traditions full of love and faith.

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