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Calles para el Pueblo has renovated 500 blocks of road network in Managua

The Streets for the People 2020 Program has an advance of 68 percent with 500 blocks of road network served, as reported by the Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, during a tour of the Domitila Lugo neighborhood of District IV, where the Road Improvement Program it will cover more than five blocks with asphalt that will directly benefit a little more than 4 thousand inhabitants, with an investment of more than 7 million córdobas.

“This block that we hope to finish today, is the 500th block of this year of the Calles para el Pueblo Program, which is a benefit for the enjoyment, for the enjoyment of the families of Managua, with this street, we completed 68 percent of the project of 737 that we have planned for this year ”, emphasized Moreno.

With this project, the neighborhood manages to reach 100 percent of its lined streets, responding to a demand from the population, Moreno said.

"At Domitila Lugo neighborhood we are going to make five blocks, two streets that are on the ground for now and then we are going to replace three blocks of cobblestone and concrete that are destroyed by the number of trucks that travel every year ”.

With these 5 blocks of asphalt, the neighborhood manages to have all its streets 100 percent lined and lThe main street of the neighborhood will go from having paving stone to being made of asphalt, a stronger and more durable material, so that the heavy transport that passes through the area will not have problems to circulate, also through this Route 108 and 123 circulate.

The Town hall de Managua continues to work on improving the road network not only in the main corridors, but also in the capital's neighborhoods, which can be used as alternate roads at peak times and connecting neighborhoods with each other.

In recent years, important projects have been carried out in this neighborhood, which have benefited hundreds of families who live in the area and a large number of people who circulate daily in vehicles and on foot.

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