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500 families have their new home thanks to the Bismarck Martínez Program

The Bismarck Martínez Social Interest Housing Program made the fifth delivery of 100 houses, this July 28, with this the 500 houses of the first stage planned by the Municipality for the first semester of 2020 are completed.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, when delivering the project to the protagonist families, highlighted the permanent concern of Commander Daniel and Vice President Rosario Murillo to create conditions to transform the lives of these families, who were not credit subjects for financial institutions and could not qualify for home financing.

“Today 100 families are given the opportunity to live better, this is the hope that our government offers. For our government, it was a permanent concern to create conditions for families to have the opportunity to obtain land or housing, since before they were not subject to credit, however, today this is a dream come true ”.

These main families were not only eligible for the program, as of today the 500 families start a new life, full of joy and hope, because they have to inherit their own place to live.

Margarita Casco, received the keys to her new home, she, like the rest of the benefited families, thank the government for the will and commitment to make the dream of many come true.

“Thank God for enlightening our authorities, those who fight for these people so that we have better living conditions. Many of us who are here today spend years renting houses, enduring humiliations, but today the Sandinista Front gives us the opportunity to start a new and beautiful stage of life from our little house, ”said the protagonist.

Villa Jerusalen in the coming years will have more than 3,000 new homes, it will also have two playgrounds, a health center, a bus terminal and its own school, it is a complete project that has basic services for families, such as drinking water, electricity, as well as storm drainage and lined streets through road improvement projects that the Commune carries out through the Annual Investment Plan.

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