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Mechanized Patching begins road maintenance on Carretera Norte

As of this Wednesday, July 22 at night, the maintenance of the North Highway began with the Mechanized Patch Plan through the Streets for the People 2020 Program.

The Patch Plan on the North Highway is carried out in 4 segments of the track, during three weeks from 8:00 at night to 3:00 in the morning.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune explained that this Wednesday began the patching of the first segment of the North Dupla, which is the longest, there are 14 blocks that are equivalent to one kilometer with an investment of 1 million 427 thousand 549 córdobas.

“We are beginning the maintenance of the North Highway with mechanized patching, which consists of removing the old asphalt and placing new asphalt, this extends the useful life of the main tracks and especially where heavy transport circulates, since with the vibration of vehicles tend to crack more quickly, especially when the asphalt loses its ability to add, ”explained Moreno.

Streets for the people in the asphalt surfacing modality will serve 737 blocks of road network, while the Mechanized Patch Plan will serve 83 blocks with an investment of 13 million córdobas.

"Road reconstruction works with mechanized patching are 20 percent complete and the Streets for the People Program in the asphalt modality is 61 percent complete," explained the Secretary.

Moreno added that the mechanized patching will be carried out only at night, when the traffic drops and reminded drivers that when traveling at night in that area, they should be very careful to avoid inconveniences.

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