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Calles para el Pueblo builds three new blocks in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood

This morning, the 2020 Streets for the People Program lined 3 blocks of streets with asphalt in the Jorge Cassaly neighborhood of District VI of the capital, benefiting 2,574 inhabitants with an investment of 2 million 62 thousand 500 córdobas.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, during the supervision tour of this Road Improvement Project, confirmed that the Streets for the People Program is 60 percent complete, with 437 blocks completed.

“The Mayor's Office has built 3 new blocks of paved streets with great quality here, you can see the level of work and the joy of fellow residents who once again in this neighborhood Jorge Cassaly are benefiting, with these streets, the Program Calles para el Pueblo achieves 60 percent progress, this year the Road Improvement Program for the streets of Managua will invest 246 and a half million córdobas in the road network, ”explained Armas.

The Vice Mayor affirmed that there will be 24 new streets with cobblestone, 354 streets with asphalt coating, 213 blocks of potholes and 737 improved streets and 75 new hydraulic concrete streets.

Until today "we are talking about 437 new streets, thanks to the Streets for the People Project, that says a lot about the enormous work that the government of Commander Daniel is doing in all the neighborhoods, in all the districts of Managua."

Ana Chamorro has been a resident of the neighborhood for 30 years and thanked the government for this ´project that made the puddles disappear in rainy weather.

“Thank God and our President, because the community will no longer suffer when it rains, here the people who work had to go out with bags on their feet through the quagmire, the children who go to the Mercedes Campos and Hugo Chávez schools will not go to suffer, the teachers pass through this street, not to mention those who go to the Silvia Ferrufino health center, here at 7 at night the taxis and the caponiers no longer wanted to enter because of how bad the streets were and now thank God that it's over, ”said the protagonist Ana Chamorro.

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