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Children of Valle Dorado enjoy new recreation space

In greeting to the 41st anniversary of the triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution, the residents of Valle Dorado in District II, inaugurated on July 18, the renovation works of the park in its fourth stage, the beautification of this recreation area has an investment of 1 million 200 thousand córdobas and was carried out through the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) benefiting the 1,100 inhabitants of the sector.

This recreational space was received by the inhabitants, who enjoyed a morning full of an artist gala, games, face painting and clown presentation.

The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda announced the redesign of the park, which includes the construction of 207 meters of platforms, 282 meters of curbs, and 10 new concrete benches were built.

“In this new stage, 330 linear meters of mesh perimeters were installed, more than 300 linear meters of hydraulic concrete platforms, garbage can, the posts of the multipurpose fields were remodeled, new lights, water fountains, and a redesign were installed. from the children's play area and concrete benches ”, explained Mayor Rueda.

The Capital Commune allocates 150 million córdobas in remodeling and maintenance in areas of recreation and leisure spaces.

Marlon Rodríguez, have lived in Valle Dorado for 25 years and explained that the park from now on will provide better conditions to its visitors.

“Thank God we have a government that for the first time cares about taking care of the whole family in an integral way, in the first stages the playgrounds were installed, the multipurpose court was built, the installation of games for older children, the Community gym, we now have a lighting system, perimeter wall, new games, new concrete bench, new picnic tables, which the kids who come from other neighborhoods will enjoy, such as Carlos Núñez, Las Brisas and other neighboring sectors. to Valle Dorado ”, expressed Rodríguez.

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